Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summit

April 13, 2016

At CFMS they are bringing all industry stakeholders – service professionals, manufacturers, researchers and enforcement officials – under one roof to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues and point the way forward.  This year I had the pleasure of attending the event. 

One of the main topics at the Summit was Maintaing the Fleet of the Future and Bridging the Generational Gap. 

Intelligent maintenance and equipment spec’ing strategies are the backbone of every successful fleet. They drive profitability by ensuring the right equipment is spec’d for the application and keep vehicles on the road with minimal downtime.

Things have gotten smaller, more complex and faster. When we imagine a fleet of the future it involves...

FLEET - Intelligent vehicles and predictive maintenance will become common practice. 

TECHNICIANS - Will be technologically advanced, more skilled in diagnostic tools and will have a more "surgical" approach to repairs 

SHOPS - Will be Wifi connected increasing the ability to communicate directly to intelligent vehicles. 

With the future of fleet maintenance revolving around new technologies, bridging the generational gap becomes even more important. The technicians of the future can learn alot from experienced technicians. Mentoring the new generation, learning from each other and promoting the trade will ensure the industry grows successfully. 


Rob Hardwick

Shop Foreman - Milton Terminal

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