FAQ: New and Experienced Drivers

I am a Driver with 1 year + Class 1 Experience

  1. Are you LTL or pin-to-pin operation?

    No. We are a full truckload carrier that delivers and picks up at our customers. All our drivers are required to do this.

  2. Do I have to deliver to customers?


  3. Do I have to deliver to customers if I am an LCV driver?

    Yes. We do not haul yard to yard for LCV.

  4. Where in the USA do you go?

    Service Areas

  5. What is a FAST card and what is a CDRP card?

    A FAST card is a card commercial drivers can get that allows a driver to haul Hazardous Materials in the USA as well as high security loads. It is something that gives a driver more flexibility and can also be used when crossing the border as a means of identification.

    A CDRP card is the Canadian equivalent of a FAST card but was more prominent before FAST cards came into effect. We do not require you have this document.

  6. Do you participate in LMOs?

    No, we do not independently generate LMOs for drivers. We only work with a third-party organization to hire foreign workers. Drivers are required to have either their Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship.

  7. I am an American Citizen; can I work for your company?

    We are a Canadian owned and run company. You must either have your Permanent Residency in Canada or Canadian Citizenship. If you have dual Citizenship between Canada and the US, that is also acceptable.

  8. Do you hire Owner Operators?

    Yes, we hire both Owner Operators and Company drivers for our fleets.

  9. How old can my tractor be?

    We ask that Owner Operator units be no older than 7 years old. There are no restrictions on make, model, or paint colour of your tractor.

I am a New Class 1 driver and/or have less than 1 year Experience

  1. Do you participate in the Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development Program?

    Yes, we are a company that trains and is in support of the Manitoba Government program.

  2. Do you have any availability in the Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development Program?

    We continually accept applications, but can be quite busy with our training programs. If you would like to apply we will review your application once a spot becomes available.

  3. What are the options for individuals that want to get their Class 1?

    If you are interested in getting your Class 1 you can look into the Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development Program, the Employment Insurance program, or go to a Class 1 Training school without going through a program.

  4. Do you sponsor people to get their Class 1 license?

    No. We only sponsor individuals to go to the Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy if they have been accepted into the MB Government Job & Skills Development Program. Anyone not participating in the aforementioned program will not be sponsored through Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. to get their Class 1 license.

  5. What is the difference between the Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development Program and the Mentor Program?

    The Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development Program is run through the Manitoba Government and for individuals interested in getting their Class 1 by receiving sponsorship and placement with a designated Employer and Class 1 Training School. Applicants that have been approved through this program may be eligible for their Class 1 training to be covered and may also receive additional funding depending on the individual's situation.

    The Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd Mentor Program is for individuals that have already received their Class 1 training and are seeking employment.Applicants must have attended a Class 1 training program and successfully completed a minimum of 240 Class 1 training hours in order to qualify for the mentor program.

    Under both programs, successful applicants are required to sign a 1 year contract of commitment with Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.

  6. What are your requirements for people with their Class 1 license but under 1 year of experience?

    Applicants with less than 1 year Class 1 experience are required to have taken a Class 1 training program with a minimum of 240 Class 1 training hours in order to qualify for employment.If an applicant meets this requirement and has 0-6 months training, they will be required to go through a full mentor program with approximately 6 weeks of on-the-job training.Applicants with 7-11 months of experience that meet the schooling requirement may be eligible for a "mini" mentoring program in which the training period is 2-3 weeks.

  7. What is the training period in the Mentor programs?

    Applicants in the Mentor and Manitoba Government Job & Skills Development streams go through additional on-the-job training after they have successfully received their Class 1 license. Mentee drivers do approximately 1 week of city training, possibly a few days of regional training, and then approximately 5-6 weeks of long-haul training. Once the trainer has approved the trainee for driving independently, the trainee will then start a 6 month probationary period during which they will be driving in a cab by themselves.

  8. I don't want to do long-haul or can't be away from home overnight, do you have anything regional?

    No. We primarily are a long-haul carrier and do not have anything that would work if you cannot be on the road for 7-10 days at a time.