Health & Wellness Committee

Late last year, Arnold Bros. formed a Health & Wellness Committee.  The idea was to promote a healthy living workplace in an industry that is known for being sedentary.  We wanted to bring fresh and exciting ideas to improve diet and general well-being among our drivers and office staff.

Throughout the year the committee has put together a number of activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices such as brain teaser contests, healthy lunches and BBQ's and free Zumba classes

Why we created a Committee for Health & Wellness

Did you know…

56 % of Canadians are not active enough to achieve optimal health benefits leaving them at risk for Long-term activity limitations

Non-smoking program

Arnold Bros. promotes healthy living and lifestyles and as such have a non-smoking initiative for anyone that has decided to quit smoking and has maintained that for a period of time. We recognize the persistence and congratulate anyone that pursues a healthier lifestyle.