Jamaican Driver Initiative

August 8, 2014

Over the past year Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. has been proud to say it has been working with a third party company in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour in Jamaica to help bring drivers to work in Canada. In January 2014 the recruiting department went down to Jamaica for its second visit to meet with the applicants and presenting on life in Canada and the transport industry.

It has been a successful program to hire hard-working transport drivers that benefits all parties involved. Here is some feedback from the drivers that have come to Canada to work with us under the TFW program.

  • Rosie: "At Arnold Bros Transport the workers are friendly, courteous and polite. The work environment makes you feel welcome to the company. All tasks and activities are done in an organized and professional manner. That's what I love about Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd..... Just come and have fun!"
  • Lester: "It has been a wonderful experience and is a good opportunity for Jamaican drivers. Just play by the Canadian rules of driving and you'll be fine. It has been a pleasure being with the 'Big Brothers'"


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