Investment keeps the company moving 

July 12, 2018

The company has acquired 65 trailers in the first six months of the year and we are scheduled to acquire an additional 25 dry van units in the next 30 days. The new acquired trailers are both dry vans and reefers and will be utilized to retire existing trailer units and provide additional equipment driven by customer requirements. All trailers will be outfitted with trailer skirts and a number of units will receive trailer tails. By the end of the 2018 calendar year, approximately 1/4 of the trailer fleet will be outfitted with trailer tails. Both the trailer tails and skirts assist the company in improving our fuel economy and reducing our carbon footprint for the environment. In addition, all of the trailers and convertors within the fleet are outfitted with trailer tracking

In the tractor area, we have acquired 3 day cabs in the first quarter of 2018 and at present we are in the midst of taking delivery of both Kenworth and Freightliner highway units. Similar to the trailers, the tractors have been equipped with a number of items that will improve our fuel economy and safety results. One of the Kenworth units has been decaled with the Plaid for Dad logos and will support the promotion of this worthwhile cause on a year round basis.

Beyond the tractors and trailers, the company continues to upgrade our technology area with the planned upgrade scheduled for mid - July. All of the items noted are significant investments to improve our fuel economy, our carbon footprint and to service our customers.


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