Do you offer storage solutions for personal property?

Unfortunately at this time we only offer storage for business/corporate clients and are not able to provide personal storage

Are you able to provide moving solutions?

Unfortunately, we do not provide personal moving solutions. We can offer assistance for businesses looking to store or move items based on change to their location and/or renovations. Please contact us for more information

Do you offer warehousing and/or cross-docking?

We are able to offer those services and have cross deck/storage packages available.

Will my business have access to the trailer if it is stored onsite?

Yes, but due to our security systems, we will require 24 hour notice and the name of the individual if access is required onsite to one of our storage trailers. You will be accompanied by an ABT staff member when accessing our back yard and the trailer.

Are the trailers insured?

Yes, all our storage trailers are insured through Manitoba Public Insurance however, your contents are your responsibility to ensure. We can offer a package to insure at additional cost.

What is the minimum length of time I can rent a storage trailer?

1 week (7 days), is the minimum requirement for renting one of our storage trailers.

Are you able to offer refrigerated storage?

All our storage trailers are Dry Vans; we are not able to provide refrigerated storage

What areas do you offer storage solutions?

Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Milton

Are you able to offer storage and transport for businesses in rural Manitoba?