We pride ourselves as being leaders in using new technology to ensure we are efficient, up-to-date, and constantly improving the way we do business. Here are a few of the ways we are using new techniques and technologies to accomplish this goal:

EOBR (Electronic Onboard Recorders) / Electronic Logs

All new drivers are required to participate in our electronic log (eLog) program and currently 2/3 of the fleet is on the eLog program. This helps us stay legal with the HOS rules, ensures we maintain a safe fleet.

Online Training

Arnold Bros. is always striving to look at new ways to use technology in the transportation industry, and online training is one of those new ways.

Online training will be used to keep drivers up to date on their safety regulations, as well as being able to provide additional training, or re-training at the driver’s own pace with the flexibility of wherever they are.

Online training will also help to give new or applying drivers the information they need to be successful at Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd.

Satellite / GPS Reporting (ECM Sensortracs)

Use of the satellite and GPS units allows us to monitor items such as idle time and overspeed, aiding us in becoming a more efficient company and reducing our emissions in the environment

Integrated Systems and TMW (Operations, TMT (Fleet Maintenance), and Great Plains (Finance) Programs