Driver Testimonials

Lawrence Wupori

Long-standing Owner Operator

Hi, my name is Lawrence. I have been with Arnold Bros Transport for over 14 years. I started out as a company driver and over the years I became an Owner Operator. They have treated me very respectfully over the years and listened to all my concerns with an open mind. When trouble arose, they were there to help. This is a very family oriented business and they treat you like your own. If you are looking for an extended family to work for, I highly recommend Arnold Bros. Transport.

Glen Izsak

Transportation Academy Graduate - Driver

My name is Glen Izsak, and I have been working for Arnold Bros. since November of 2011.

Early in 2011 I decided to start a new career. I was in my 40's and had always wanted to drive a tractor trailer. After some research I decided to enroll in the Arnold Bros. Transportation Academy. The course was six weeks of intense learning! Certain things came easily and others not so easily, but by the end of the six weeks I obtained my Class 1 license thanks to the dedicated instructors at the Academy.

Upon starting my search for a driving position I noticed that all the advertisements had one thing in common; experience of one to two years was required! How could I get experience if no one would hire me? An instructor from the Academy along with other drivers from Arnold Bros. suggested I apply at ABT through their Mentorship Program.

After having an interview with the Recruiting Department, I was offered a job with additional training. I was told I would be working with qualified instructors and it would be done in a way that would allow me to learn as I needed. Starting with city work I then progressed onto regional and finally long haul training. I was taught everything I needed in order to do my new job, with a very strong emphasis on safety!

Looking back, I realized I had been trained by people with many years of experience which allowed me to be set up for success. It was a huge success for me as I had on the job training with real life situations that occur daily. I received the experience and confidence to do my job and Arnold Bros. has received another safe, compliant driver on the road representing the company. Presently I'm part of a long haul team with lots of miles and regular home time. A special thanks to all the extended Arnold Bros. family that gave me the tools to excel in my new found career.

Richard Denis

Long-standing Owner Operator

When I joined Arnold Bros. Transport I did not know what to expect, and I asked myself whether I would be easily accepted with French being my first language and my cultural background. The answer was YES! Over the 13 years with the company I have met good people, while others have tested my patience, but ABT has kept me on board.

With ABT I have had the chance to pull loads all over the place from Montréal, QC to Ontario, CA, from Winnipeg, MB to Houston, TX. I have even taken loads from Idaho to New Brunswick! Arnold Bros. has great customers that are consistent which makes life easier for deliveries, and allows you to know where you are going and exactly how long it will take.

It goes without saying that I have also met great truck drivers who love their trade, just like me, and have been with Arnold Bros. for 20-25+ years. Dispatch is respectful and by their trust in professional drivers they leave you alone when on the road so you can do what you do best!

Bill DeGroot

MTA's Driver of the Year 2012

I’ve been a driver for 24 years with a family owned company that understand and cares about my family.