Commitment to Safety

Safety is our Goal. This goal is achieved by our drivers and staff in a variety of ways and we maintain one of the industry’s best records for safety and compliance through the use of the following programs:

  1. Recruiting drivers with experience, professionalism and positive attitude
  2. An orientation program which includes the delivery of information related to;
    1. Hours of Service for both Canada and the United States
    2. Safe work practices
    3. Transportation of dangerous goods/hazardous materials
    4. Cargo Security & review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  3. Monitoring our Manitoba Commercial Vehicle Operating reports as well as our CSA reports
  4. Instituting the use of Electronic Logs (e-logs) and continuing with our commitment to have our entire fleet using e-logs by the end of 2014
  5. Raising the awareness of safety  plus health and wellness through our Safety and out Health and Wellness committee
  6. Having all new drivers complete an in-house driving test complete with pre and post trip inspections.
  7. In-house and independent reviews of daily logs.