Types of Equipment

Dry Van Trailers, Reefer/Heater Vans - 53 ft

Our General Freight Division which operates throughout Canada and the USA are made of a mix of Dry Van Trailers and Reefer/Heater Trailers. These trailers are a mix of Arnold Bros. owned trailers and rentals, primarily made of Great Danes, Wabash, Stoughton, and Utility.

Containers - 40 ft

The Container division operates out of the Western provinces; focusing on freight movements between Alberta and British Columbia to the ports for oversea shipment. Though still a smaller division, the container drivers are hard-working and run a lot of miles, while ensuring the containers get to the ports on time.

The container division operates using gensets and chassis in conjunction with the containers, and these experienced drivers navigate their way through the mountains on a daily basis.

Long-Combination Vehicles - two 53 ft trailers

Our LCV units are a group of specially trained drivers that operate between Manitoba and Alberta in both single and team operations with two 53 ft trailers. They help us to provide our customers with timely deliveries and help move more freight across the country in an eco-friendly manner.

Our LCV units abide by the Alberta Motor Transport Association's guidelines to ensure our drivers are held to the highest standards. Our LCV drivers primarily operate straight to our customers to provide excellent service and maintain relationships with our customers.


  • Modern fleet of tractors consisting mainly of Internationals and Freightliners
  • All have EOBR capability and ECM programs
  • Mainly automatic transmission