Rich in History

Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. started as a result of the ambition of two young brothers from a farming community in rural Manitoba, Canada. These brothers were Frank and Jerry Arnold.

In the beginning the brothers moved their grain products to markets in the Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota areas that they had grown on their farmland. Frank and Jerry continued to move other agricultural products when they weren't tending to their farm, growing their business to become a year round commitment.

Longevity and Stability

Business flourished and was a prosperous opportunity, and in 1958 Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. was officially incorporated as a truckload carrier. Eventually the farm in Plumas, Manitoba was sold and the focus shifted solely to the transport industry. The brothers had a passion for all types of transport which would give them the drive and soul behind the company that was to grow far beyond what they would envision over the next 65 years.

Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. has evolved over the years into various forms of trucking operations from hauling farm machinery on flat beds and agricultural products in the early days, to operating with dry van and refrigerated trailers in the present. Throughout the years, the company has always stayed focused on being a single source truckload company, servicing both Canada and the United States.

The vision of 65 years ago is reality

This experience, coupled with transportation management best practices, and selected systems allow us to provide several transportation solution options to our customers. These systems, along with employees who are experienced in vast areas of transportation expertise, create a formidable team to manage our customer's activities.

The Company Today

The company is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and provides services to a variety of Fortune 500 companies as well as rural small business operators; each one being a significant part of the growth. Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. has offices in Milton, Calgary, and Edmonton and Yard Locations in Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon and Montreal.

Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. continues to be a family owned and operated business that values relationships with customers, employees, owner operators, and suppliers. It has changed greatly from its small beginnings, but always strives to be innovative to be a leading company in the transport industry. Our commitment to quality service, competitive pricing, safe and efficient operation along with our team of professional drivers and staff members are all reasons for our 64 years in business, and our continued success.